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Publishing private flipbooks to control sensitive information

Founded: 1980

Location: Arizona


The virtual online nature of Flipsnack provides us with a number of valuable tools that we couldn’t get with just print - or even PDF.

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Make-A-Wish® America is a nonprofit organization which traces its inspiration to 7-year-old Chris Greicius, a child with leukemia who wished to be a police officer. In 1980, a group of caring individuals in Arizona came together and made his wish come true. The impact of Chris’ wish was felt throughout his community and was the inspiration for what is now Make-A-Wish.

As the largest wish-granting organization in the United States, Make-A-Wish has granted hundreds of thousands of wishes to children battling critical illnesses. Wishes replace a child’s fear with confidence, sadness with joy and anxiety with hope. Wishes give children renewed energy and strength, bring families closer together and unite communities.

We generally create two types of flipbook projects using Flipsnack - reports and presentations. Most are shared via email link and meant to be viewed by recipients on their own - though some are also presented in person.

Jason Kiningham

Design Manager at Make-A-Wish® America

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Why Make-A-Wish America chose Flipsnack

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The interactivity is a great tool that allows us more ways to connect and immerse with our sponsors. Being accessible via any web browser allows immediacy and easy sharing across users, and we can make flipbooks password protected for privacy if needed. And we can easily track data once flipbooks are sent out.
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The ability to easily embed videos within content pages is extremely helpful and a great way to enhance user experience through multimedia. It’s also nice to have the option for videos to autoplay, which can be very effective in the right application. We use pop-up content boxes to share extra information and add more interactivity on pages.
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Our team does not create many public-facing communications. Publishing private flipbooks allows us to control sensitive information, if needed. The ability to create unlisted links is helpful because those can be easily shared out and accessed by our partners.
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Our account managers use statistics to track opens, clicks, downloads and shares once flipbooks have been sent out to contacts. This gives some insights about the communications we’re creating. Again, this is helpful information that we wouldn’t have if only sending print or PDF communications.
Make-A-Wish America successfully integrated Flipsnack in their business model. The technological advantage helped them reach more potential sponsors, increase brand awareness and make more wishes a reality.

The virtual online nature of Flipsnack provides us with a number of valuable tools that we couldn’t get with just print - or even PDF. Flipsnack is definitely a helpful sales tool that enhances the communications we send out.

Jason Kiningham

Design Manager at Make-A-Wish® America

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