YouTube Thumbnail Templates

There is no need to settle for automatically generated YouTube thumbnails, when it’s so easy to create a personalized one yourself. Just like with any other piece of content creation, style, formatting and the overall design of the thumbnail plays a major role in “hooking” your audience to watch your videos.

Without further ado, let’s get into the specifics of what to include in your thumbnail design. If you don’t know where to start, you’re in luck because our online YouTube thumbnail maker is packed with great YouTube thumbnail templates, ready to be customized. In this thumbnail template for YouTube, we can notice how the design followed the focus point of the video, which is about Apple technology. Once we understand the logic behind designing a thumbnail template, it’s easier to follow these guidelines and create one for your YouTube channel and videos.

For example, a good starting point would be using visuals from the video on the thumbnail design or a picture of a person present in the video, like a guest or even yourself. This aspect alone can considerably increase your click through rate. Moreover, upon entering the Design Studio, you will be able to create unique designs consisting of different lines, shapes and illustrations, available for use. Simply drag and drop any element you want on the page and rearrange it as needed. Since background weighs in when it comes to a great responsive rate thumbnail, make it in such a way that it reflects the branding of your channel.

Highlight the focus words of the headline by using a different color than the rest of the text and by changing their format to bold. At the end, you can add a border which ties the whole layout together.

If you’re into the fashion trends and enjoy making videos about Milan Fashion Week and so on, then this thumbnail template for YT is the perfect starting point. It shows you how to include irregular add-ons for multiple elements, while making sure they all equally stand out. You can do this by applying subtle outlines, using proper colors for creating contrast. Last but not least, use numbers and years, if you can, to ensure your viewers that the content you post is up to date, therefore, relevant.

Another eye-catching design trick you can use in your thumbnails are these zine-like funky lines and dots, around the pictures of people you feature. Take a look at this thumbnail YouTube template to better understand what it’s all about. You can find the entire collection of lines and shapes in our Design Studio.

The topics you could tackle in your videos are so numerous, but our designers’ team has put together a collection of the most popular ones. In this list, you will find thumbnails about different sports, like a fitness program video, where it’s explained how you can follow it to achieve the same results as the youtuber. The list goes on and covers tech specifications, marketing tips, gaming and fashion, a topic which we already discussed.

How can you take the design created in Flipsnack and use it for YouTube? It’s simple. Download your template as a PNG format and respect the limit of 2MB. As to the ideal aspect ratio, opt for the 169 ratio, since it’s the most commonly used in YouTube previews. What is there left to do? Elevate your thumbnails today and follow the changes in clicks and impressions. With Flipsnack, every part of the design process is made simple.

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