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Travel The World Digital Zine Design

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Artistic Zine Template

Self expression is what defines a true artist. It's the highest form of creativity and a great way of interacting with the world around us. Have you ever wondered where and how to integrate all those great ideas you’ve been keeping to yourself for years? What about a digital zine?

A zine is a self-published work that allows you to add any kind of creative content. Add photos, illustrations or quotes. A zine structure is flexible and it’s not defined by any kind of rigour. Still not convinced how to create one? Do not worry, Flipsnack has you covered. We created for you a wide range of zine templates for your specific needs. Our zine page layout is created so that you are able to customize it at any time.

Because zines can touch on multiple subjects, such as politics, art or music we went through great lengths with our zine design. For passionate fans we created fanzine templates. This way they are able to gather up all of their favourite pop star or movie star photos or quotes and add them in a fanzine layout template. It’s easy and fun. Just take a look at our templates gallery. If you want to keep it short choose the one page zine template. If your content is complex and lengthy, go for a 8 page zine template. Your choice!

Have you decided? Good! Now it's time to drag and drop it in our Design Studio and give it a more personal touch.

Our editable zine template lets you upload your own photos, choose authentic fonts, select some fun illustrations and fill up the text boxes with relevant quotes. With Flipsnack you can get as creative as you wish. Once you are happy with the final result, it’s time to share your custom zine design through the view link provided by Flipsnack or simply download it. Choose to print it and give it personally to whoever you want or go public by sharing it on social media. With Flipsnack you are able to select your audience in no time! It’s really up to you!

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