Create your own calendars in minutes

Using Flipsnack’s calendar maker, you can plan ahead and make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunity, birthday or meeting. It’s free, it’s easy, and more importantly, it’s fun.

Design a calendar
Free calendar sample created with Flipsnack’s calendar maker

How do I create a custom calendar?

  1. 1. Sign up to Flipsnack

    When it comes to trying out Flipsnack’s Design Studio, the process of registration is really simple. Click on the sign in button or try for free button if you’re a new user, unlocking amazing editing options, all available in our free online schedule maker.

  2. 2. Browse through our templates or create your own

    With Flipsnack, the thought of creating a calendar design won’t seem daunting, but exciting! Explore our intuitive tool and discover various themes of ready-to-use calendar templates, suitable for your tailored needs.

  3. 3. Customize your calendar design

    Don’t stop at the already made templates, but get inspired and play around in our Design Studio. You can add shapes, icons, and even upload your own pictures to customize it to the max. Get familiar with this personalized calendar maker to make your schedule more organized.

  4. 4. Download, print or share your custom calendar

    All that’s left to do after finishing your design is to download it as a PDF for print and make use of a physical calendar. However, keep in mind that you can share your custom calendar template online with your loved ones via social media or embed it on your website.

Yearly Calendars

In order to not get overwhelmed by your work, plan ahead with a yearly calendar template, which you can customize directly in our Design Studio. This online calendar maker comes in handy for creating professional and effective calendar designs.

Pick a calendar template

Blank Calendars

Consider choosing a blank template, which gives you the freedom to personalize it almost from scratch. Add your preferred fonts, color schemes and even background images so the design inspires productivity in your own terms. Take your printable blank calendar template and make it yours using our custom calendar maker.

Pick a calendar template

Cute Calendars

Cute calendar templates come in all shapes and sizes, so choose the one you like from our photo calendar creator. See how you can improve your day at work by including cute pictures of your baby or of your dog in your calendar for each month. Then, fill in the spaces for each day and once you’re done, download it for print.

Pick a calendar template

One Page Calendars

Never miss an anniversary again by incorporating a one page calendar template into your day-to-day life. Browse through our free stock images to change the background and circle all the important dates. Don’t rely on your memory, but try using this calendar creator software to simplify your life.

Pick a calendar template

Add interactive elements to your digital calendar

Let me introduce you to a new experience of using a calendar by making it interactive. Our online schedule maker has a variety of interactive elements. Add videos as your background, slow paced GIFs or tags to offer more information about your event. Once you’re done, embed it directly on your website to continue inspiring others.

Create an interactive calendar

Choose from a variety of sharing options

With Flipsnack, it’s up to you how you choose to share your calendar design. Either share it on social media, embed it on your own website or through email, using a link. All very easy and fast options. You can even keep your publications private by publishing them as unlisted.
   • Download as a PDF for print
   • Integrate on your website
   • Send via email
   • Share as social media posts
   • Download as animated publications (HTML5)
   • Share the full-view link anywhere

Sharing options available in Flipsnacks’ publishing tool

Customize online and download for print

Whether you want to use the calendar for your personal schedule, or to print it on a large scale, Flipsnack has got you covered. Once your calendar design is ready, download it as a ready print PDF, which results in high quality printed calendars. Keep in mind that the PDF download for print is available only when you opt for a Starter plan or above.

Calendar mockup using Flipsnack’s template
Luke Mowatt

It’s really easy to use, it looks great because the interface is really simple and clean. I have been so impressed that I have even recommended Flipsnack to several other design companies.

Luke Mowatt

Popular calendar page sizes in Flipsnack

A4 = 794x1123px
Wide = 1123x793px
Square calendar = 793x793px
Flyer type (tall) calendar = 416x865px
Presentation = 1123x793px

Popular calendar size examples in Flipsnack

Frequently asked questions

Personalizing your calendar design is that one small thing you can do in order to make sure you're going to use it daily. Having your own pictures included in the calendar means that you get a photo album and a schedule, two in one. With Flipsnack, you only need to make two clicks: upload your pictures and then drag-and-drop them anywhere on the page. Then, you can resize the pictures to fit in your chosen layout. It’s really that easy, try it now and have fun with the process.

Once you’re done creating your custom calendar in Flipsnack, all that’s left to do is print it. There are a few things to mention so you’ll get the best result. Firstly, make sure you download your calendar as a PDF for print and half of the work is done. Secondly, choose high-quality paper and images so your printed calendar’s design looks the same as the digital version. Take your calendar to your local print shop and then use it at work or at home for better time management.

If you’ve ever wondered when a certain date will fall exactly on the same weekday again, I have the answer for you. We’ll be guiding our answer by the dominical letters, which mark calendar years and point to the first Sunday in a new year. In this case, a repeating sequence of dominical letters is identical to the solar cycle term. If we exclude leap years, tracked by the Gegorian calendar, then every 28 years you can reuse the same calendar.

What else to try:

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Create a custom calendar design in minutes

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