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How to make a resume online

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    Choose a professional resume template from our wide range of professional cv templates. Use our cv maker and create a memorable resume!

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    Customize the resume template of your choice. Add your professional and academic background and give it a creative edge by choosing the color scheme you desire.

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    Download for print. When you are done, make sure to save it for print. You’ll make a great first impression on your future employer. Or share your resume via email.

Business Resume

Keep your curriculum vitae neat and professional with the help of our cv maker. Create your professional manager resume in seconds.


Marketing resume

Stand out from the cluttered resume of other applicants by using our free resume builder to create digital marketing resumes.


Professional Resume

Make sure your curriculum vitae stands out from other dozen resumes by choosing our cv creator. With Flipsnack, your professional resume design is just one click away.


Teacher Resume

Craft an exceptional resume to stand out from the crowd with our curriculum vitae maker. Design the perfect school counselor resume in no time.


Artist Resume

Showcase your skills and accomplishments by using our resume creator. Stand out as an exceptional artist with our pastel watercolor resume template.


Professional fonts

Your online resume is meant to be read. Choose the right font for your professional resume design. Flipsnack is the place of many fonts, pick the one you like or add your own.

Custom colors

Visually enhance your CV by adding custom colors. Design a creative resume by using the colors that best compliment your personality.

Interactive features

Show recruiters why you are your own brand. Make your professional resume interactive by adding a short video resume or links to your portfolio.

Designing a professional resume in an instant

Download your professional resume for print

Online may be the norm nowadays, but bringing a printed professional resume at a job interview can make a great first impression. Aside from this, having a printed version of your resume is great when attending career fairs, as they are packed with recruiters just waiting to take a glance at your resume. After you are done editing it, be sure to enable the Download option, and our resume creator will take care of the rest. Choose a high-quality paper to better showcase your profile picture and colors, and that’s it. You are now one step closer to landing your dream job!

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