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Strengthen your organization’s security with Flipsnack’s ID card maker, and create professional cards for your employees. This online tool helps improve your ID card template with just a few clicks by including cool elements and custom branding.

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Company ID cards

If you’re interested in creating a company ID card sample, Flipsnack has a variety of already made templates, from which you can draw inspiration. Use our online ID card maker to personalize these company ID card formats with relevant information about your employee, such as name, position and starting date. Then, continue with the company location, contact details and you’re done.

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Medical ID cards

When it comes to creating a medical ID card format, it can get time consuming, if you start from scratch. Our talented designers’ team put together a collection of hospital ID card designs, fully customizable. To access them, enter our online ID card maker and choose the one you like, while enjoying the intuitive process of personalization. Include information such as the employee’s name, position, followed by terms and conditions of ID card use.

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School ID cards

There is no reason why you should neglect or overlook the improvement of a school ID card design, since your students and teachers will appreciate the minimal effort. To get started, simply browse through our ready-to-use school ID card formats, available in the Design Studio. By choosing an existing template, you save a lot of time, not having to think about the basis of design, only about how you can make it yours. So, customize them with proper pictures, teacher and student positions plus other relevant information.

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Employee ID cards

Maybe you work in the Human Resources department and you’re looking for a modern employee ID card design to use within your company. With Flipsnack’s employee badge maker, you get access to a wide range of employee ID card formats, to which you can upload your own pictures, details and branding elements. By using ID badges, you give an employee the sense of identity within a company. So, make sure you don’t miss out on this all-in-one tool.

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Press ID cards

If you’re looking to give a fresh coat of paint to your press ID card design, then you’ve stumbled upon the right online ID card creator. Flipsnack has many examples of press pass templates, all that’s left for you to do is pick one and decide what elements you want to keep. Change the background with your own, upload employee pictures and your brand’s color scheme plus fonts. It looks more personalized now, doesn’t it?

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How to create an ID card

  1. 1. Create a Flipsnack account

    Flipsnack makes it easy for you to register by using your Facebook or Google account. Otherwise, simply sign in and begin the design process.

  2. 2. Start from scratch or make use of a template

    Upon entering the Design Studio, create from scratch or browse through our already existing ID card templates, which give you a head start. This option saves you time.

  3. 3. Modify an ID template to match your organization

    Once you settle on an ID badge template, it’s time to add personal information, change the borders, include branding elements and shapes or QR codes.

  4. 4. Share online or download for print

    Flipsnack offers various sharing options, like the full-view link, or email, besides the possibility of downloading your company ID sample for print.

Intuitive Design Studio for businesslike ID cards

If you’ve tackled design projects in the past and it was a hassle, then you’re in for a treat upon discovering Flipsnack’s Design Studio. There are many creative editing options, concerning background, borders, personal images, so check it out! All of this being done with no design skills and no prior experience.

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Share your ID cards digitally and save money

In the spirit of being more eco-friendly, consider customizing your preferred ID card sample online and then choosing one of Flipsnack’s sharing options. In the case of an event, museum expo, or a concert, it’s convenient to send the full-view link to your attendees or use email. This way, both your staff and participants will only have to present the ID badge from their phone, saving you printing costs. Try out this ID maker and see for yourself!

Free digital ID card example using Flipsnack’s digital ID card

Multi-purpose printed ID cards

It’s insanely easy to finish this designing process by opting for a printable download format, such as a PDF for print. Satisfied with your ID card design, it’s time to share it with your students, teachers and other employees. By handing them out physically, your staff will learn each other’s names easily and they will be granted access to restricted areas.

Notable features for your ID cards

Custom branding

Add your brand kit to the ID cards and maintain its consistency. Start with the logo, custom fonts plus colors and save your branded templates for future use.

Upload images

After you upload your employee’s pictures, there’s a simple matter of drag-and-dropping them wherever you want to, on the page.


Share the full-view link of the ID card design privately with a specific person or use email. We take the privacy of your files seriously, so try it out!

Frequently asked questions

Here’s a list of details about the company and about the employee, which have to be included in an employee ID card:
   • Company logo and name
   • Picture of the employee
   • Employee’s name and position
   • Employee’s starting date
   • Emergency contact
   • Terms and conditions of use
   • QR code/barcode

With Flipsnack, it’s very easy to create your design online, by customizing a ready made ID card template and to use it digitally. When you’re happy with the ID card, simply copy the full-view link and share it with specific people or send it through email. This way, they’ll have secure access to any restricted areas, events and expositions, from their phone, with no paper waste.

Yes, there are multiple free options of barcode generators online. One of those options is this barcode generator, which allows you to pick the type of barcode you need: linear, 2D codes. Once your barcode is generated, simply download it to your computer. Its format will be GIF, accepted by almost any ID card creator. In the case of a QR code, this free to use website comes in handy, giving you full control over colors, QR design, and it allows you to add a logo image. After you fill in every box, download it as a PNG format, upload it in Flipsnack and insert it in your design.

There are a couple of easy-to-follow steps, to successfully insert your barcode or QR code in Flipsnack:
  1. Open Flipsnack and edit your existing ID card design.
  2. Upload your barcode or QR code.
  3. Drag and drop it on your ID badge template, positioning it on the front cover.

What else to try:

Flipsnack is a really powerful tool that helps you create publications of all kinds. The following is a list of possible Flipsnack uses that you probably haven’t thought of yet.

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