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An efficient teacher needs a daily guide. Outline and organize your learning materials in minutes with our lesson plan maker. Create a detailed lesson plan from scratch or use a customizable template from our complex gallery.

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  1. 1. Start by creating an account

    First step is to sign into Flipsnack with your existing Google or Facebook account. If you are a first time user, simply click on the Try for free button and start creating personalized lesson plans for free.

  2. 2. Select a template or create from scratch

    Be it kindergarten lesson plans or even teacher lesson plans, Flipsnack has a template for every need. Or if you want to create one from scratch, just pick a suitable size and start from there.

  3. 3. Go for a personalized lesson plan

    Adjust your lesson plan in seconds. Flipsnack’s intuitive Design Studio is packed with multiple editing features. Fonts, colors, images, text boxes; add or replace them with just a few clicks.

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    When you are done editing your template, download your lesson plan as a print ready PDF, or embed it on your school website. You can also share the link online via email or social media with your students.

Select a suitable lesson plan template

Sky's the limit when it comes to our templates gallery. From preschool lesson plans to more detailed lesson plans, all our templates are professionally designed so they can match every need. Just drag & drop your ideal one into our Design Studio and adjust it as you wish.

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Personalize your planner online and print it at home

Once you are satisfied with your custom lesson plan you can easily export the planbook created on Flipsnack as a PDF or PNG file. For a higher quality format, download the lesson plan as a print-ready PDF. Simply save it to your computer and print it whenever you want.

Design a lesson plan

Multiple sharing options

Your college lesson planner is ready? Great news! Our lesson plan creator makes it easy for you to export your final design on your computer or share it digitally.
   • Download as a PDF for print
   • Integrate on your website
   • Send via email
   • Share as social media posts
   • Download as animated publications (HTML5)
   • Share the full-view link anywhere

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Flipsnack’s digital lesson plan maker lets you share your learning materials with a wider audience. For easier access to your work, embed the lesson plan on your school’s internal website or share the view link with your class.

Frequently asked questions

A lesson plan refers to a teacher's guide or plan for a particular lesson. A lesson plan is important because it contains relevant information, such as what the students will learn, how the lesson will be taught as well as how learning will be evaluated. Also, sections like objectives, materials, location and main activity are included in a regular lesson plan.

Here’s how to structure your lesson lesson plan:
   • Determine your objectives
   • Communicate with your students for more in depth information
   • Sketch out a list of all necessary materials
   • Deliver your main activity plans
   • Allocate time for student practice
   • Ending the lesson
   • Analyze and evaluate the lesson

The 5 parts of a lesson plan are:
   • Objectives
   • Warm-up
   • Presentation
   • Practice
   • Assessment

Here are the most important benefits of a digital lesson plan:
   • It saves time
   • You can reach a wider audience
   • Easy access
   • Easy customization
   • Constant update
   • High level of security

What else to try:

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