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Flipsnack is the go-to online voucher maker for any personal or business needs. Award your clients with professionally designed gift vouchers, discount vouchers and more. Start making them from scratch or use a customizable voucher template from our complex gallery.

Design a voucher
Free online voucher sample made with Flipsnack’s online voucher creator

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Gift vouchers

Surprise a good friend or increase your brand awareness with the help of our gift certificate templates. No need for any designer skills. Select a suitable gift certificate design one from our wide-ranging gallery and start to customize it as you wish.

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Cash vouchers

Offer someone a substantial reward with the help of a professionally designed cash voucher template. Browse through our various voucher template examples and select the one that best suits your needs.

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Birthday vouchers

Your clients are indecisive about what gift to buy next? Help them out by creating professionally looking birthday vouchers. The best part is that you can personalize them easily. Open our gallery and pick your ideal birthday gift voucher template and brand it in minutes.

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Discount vouchers

Turn your visitors into paying customers with tempting discounts. Search through our discount voucher templates gallery and grab the one that best fits your brand. Create, publish and print it on paper or share it digitally with your target audience.

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How do I make a voucher online?

  1. 1. Create a Flipsnack account

    Sign up to Flipsnack with your existing Google or Facebook account today. Click the Try for free button and start using our online voucher maker for free.

  2. 2. Pick a voucher template or create one from scratch

    From holding giveaways, offering gift cards to sharing discount vouchers, Flipsnack is that all-in-one tool that helps you easily create professionally-designed vouchers. Open our templates gallery and select your favorite one or create a voucher from scratch.

  3. 3. Customize your voucher design

    Ready to start personalizing your gift voucher template? Open our intuitive Design Studio and browse through our advanced editing features. Shapes, icons, fonts, add or erase them to create your ideal voucher.

  4. 4. Download, print or share your voucher

    Once you are satisfied with your final voucher design, download it as a print-ready PDF. Share your voucher digitally via email, by embedding it on your website or post it on your social media platform. Increase your online brand visibility with Flipsnack!

Edit your voucher design with Flipsnack

Do you feel the need to add a more personal touch to your selected voucher template? Take advantage of our intuitive Design Studio and create your ideal cash voucher or gift voucher design. Our drag-and-drop interface allows you to easily customize fonts and select, add or replace icons, shapes, photos and more.

Design a voucher
Customizable voucher sample available in Flipsnack’s Design Studio

Customize your digital voucher with Flipsnack

Team collaboration feature available in Flipsnack

Team collaboration

Work with your team on the same voucher design, in real time. Get rid of unnecessary meetings with the help of Flipsnack.

Custom branding features available in Flipsnack

Custom branding

Brand your voucher design with your logo and your unique set of fonts, typography, colors and more.

Extensive privacy options available in Flipsnack

High privacy

Worried about sending online discount vouchers securely? Publish them unlisted, password protected or share them with specific people via email.

Download your print-ready voucher

Happy with the final result? Now it’s the time to take your voucher design to the printer. To do so, make sure you download your design as a print-ready PDF. This way you will obtain a high quality format ideal on any premium paper. Let your voucher design shine with Flipsnack.

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Share your digital voucher online

Looking for ways to reach a wider audience? Our voucher maker app lets you share your digital voucher online. Get noticed and start engaging with your potential customers, by embedding the voucher design on your business website or post it on your social media accounts. Also, Flipsnack allows you to share the view link with whomever you want.

Online sharing options available in Flipsnack’s online voucher maker

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Frequently asked questions

A voucher is a document or a piece of paper that can be used to make purchases in retail stores such as: restaurants, malls, gas stations and other locations. There are two types of vouchers: physical and digital ones. Physical vouchers can be sold or offered in brick and mortar stores while digital ones can easily be distributed online. All you have to do is to load money onto the voucher, so the recipient can then use it at accepted locations.

Wondering how to make a gift voucher? Follow these easy steps:
   • Create a Flipsnack account
   • Pick a template or create one from scratch
   • Customize your voucher design
   • Print or share your voucher online

Although there is no strict standard when it comes to vouchers, the following three sizes are the most frequently used ones:
   • 2" x 3.5" (5cm x 8.5cm)
   • 4" x 9" (10cm x 22cm)
   • 2.5" x 7" (6.5cm x 18cm)

Create professional looking vouchers in minutes