Interactive Franchise Proposal Template

Size: 794 x 1123px
We know how hard it is to find useful, well-made kits online, packed with valuable content ideas and design examples. This is why we have put together a business kit, which consists of materials like this interactive franchise proposal template, a pitch deck, scope of work and invoice. Returning to this free interactive franchise proposal design example, if you access it, you will discover a very professional design, with splashes of color, which tie the entire layout together. Go-to-page buttons make for easier navigation through this business proposal, so make sure you include them, along with spotlight effects for more details in a section. Enjoy high privacy by sharing your company materials only with the people who need to have access to it and by password-protecting every sensitive information. Give our business proposal maker a try and start communicating more easily with prospects and leads. Last but not least, add your branding kit, so every company material strengthens your brand image.

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