Automated Online Catalog Template

Size: 794 x 1123px
Creating a product catalog can sometimes be a tedious process. This is where the customizable automated product catalog template comes in handy to exemplify the automation feature. The sleek design of this catalog makes for a clean, airy layout and helps to build a strong brand image for your business. The first step is to create your CSV file, by uploading the product information on a spreadsheet. Then, set your product descriptions as headers, such as: product name, color and price. Click on use this template and in the automation field, import your CSV file with your own information. This is where the magic starts happening. Simply choose the fields you want to include for your products and then drag and drop them in the premade boxes of this template. However, if you want to add more products on the same page, you can easily duplicate each product box. Try it out yourself by taking a closer look at this automated product catalog template. We’re available for further questions through live chat, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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