Art Portfolio Templates

As an artist, you’ve probably had your fair share of portfolios. Everytime you tackle a new project, your portfolio needs to be updated. It can get exhausting. I mean, when will it ever end, am I right? Well, we here at Flipsnack have some really good news for you! We’re offering an entire selection of art portfolio templates just for people like you!

Online art portfolios are almost unavoidable for an artist nowadays. That’s exactly why our designers loaded up our template section with art portfolio templates with tons of art portfolio ideas injected into them. All you have to do is browse through, and select your favorites.

Whether it’s an online art portfolio, or one that you need to print and hand out, we’ve got you covered. Making an art portfolio has literally never been easier. All you need is a Flipsnack account, and a few spare minutes. That’s really all there is to it.

Once you’ve selected one of our many art portfolio examples, all you have to do is insert your information to make it truly yours. You’ll need to add your own images, contact info, and descriptions. If you need to, you can even edit the colors, the page layouts, and anything you might want to change. It really is as easy as clicking and scrolling. No art degree required to create an online art portfolio. Anyone from a newbie to the internet to a hardened design veteran will find it incredibly easy to navigate our editor and templates page.

So don’t wait any longer! Update your art portfolio now, or try building an art portfolio entirely from scratch. Anything is possible with Flipsnack. While you’re at it, check out our other categories for templates. You never know what you might find useful. Enjoy, and thank you for using Flipsnack!

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