Rack card templates

Business promotion is to running a successful business as practicing fingerpicking to playing the guitar well. It’s essential and you just have to do it. The worst-case scenario of not having such a plan is that your business fails to attract enough customers. Are you finding yourself at that stage when it comes to your brick-and-mortar store or your newly opened coffee shop? Get more exposure by filling and handing out rack cards.

A rack-card is an efficient, reasonably-priced promotional material. Popular at conferences, lobbies, malls, showrooms, waiting areas and tradeshows, rack cards are set in racks in locations that get a lot of traffic. Interested in creating rack cards for your business? With Flipsnack that is easily done! Our free rack card templates are versatile and easy to use.

For example, let's say that you are the head of the marketing department in a big company and you are preparing a big conference. Besides the power point presentation, you will definitely need another type of promotional material. A great solution for your needs is our company rack card templates or corporate rack card templates. Fill them out and you are good to go!

Also because we know that there are many businesses that require a rack card design template, our graphic designers made sure to create one for every need. From wedding rack card templates, coffee shop rack card templates to photography rack card templates or even restaurant rack card templates, our gallery is packed with such useful materials.

Once you decide on your online rack card template type, drag and drop it in our intuitive Design Studio and start getting creative. Introduce new text boxes, change the typography or complement your rack cards with custom branding features, such as logo, branded colors, fonts and more. When you are satisfied with your final result, export it as a high quality PDF and print it on premium paper.

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