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Travel booklets are a great way to promote your business and help people discover amazing destinations. It's not just luxurious resorts that need travel brochures - nearly any business can be a travel destination, from museums to shops. If your business could be considered a tourist spot, we'll show you how to use a brochure booklet design and create the perfect booklet.

Whether your clients are looking to travel to Paris or Bora Bora, you’ll be able to show them why they should choose Flipsnack with the help of our beautiful travel booklet templates. Our designers worked hard to create aesthetically pleasing templates that are ideal for your business. If you want to share with your audience more in-depth information about locations, accommodation, or local traditions, you can use our souvenir booklet template or a brochure booklet design. Also, when you start writing, do not forget that a 20 page booklet template is perfect for a more complex and exhaustive text. If you want to be more concise, you can select an 8 page booklet layout, or a simple booklet template.

When thinking about the next place you want to visit, travel destination photos are probably the most important part.

The photos will draw a reader in and help them image themselves at the travel destination.

Select eye-catching photos with high resolution from our stock photos gallery, or add your own. Choose a foldable booklet template, and add as many pictures you want.

When you are done creating the final product, remember that it can be printed and shared with a large audience just about anywhere: at a local rest stop, restaurant, travel agency, or city tourism office. You can also share your brochure online to spread the word in a low-cost way.

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