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Rewarding people for their achievements is a great incentive for future good work. Use our certificate maker to easily design certificates for different occasions. Discover all the customizable templates. Once you’re happy with your certificate design, download it for print.

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Award Certificates

These award certificate templates are the right pick when you want a professional design, but don’t wish to go through the hassle of creating them from scratch. With Flipsnack’s online certificate creator, there is a complex, yet easy-to-get-through process. We guarantee that it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to end up with a wonderful design.

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Appreciation Certificates

Regardless of the form in which you receive gratitude, it’s always an uplifting feeling. Take the chance to make someone’s day by creating a certificate of appreciation template. Easily customize it by adding the name, occasion and changing the color scheme. Don’t forget to download the certificate design as a PDF for print in case of physical use.

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Participation Certificates

This type of certificate works especially well for kids, at that age when it’s important to grant everyone an award. Create beautiful and attractive certificate of participation templates and save them for future use. With Flipsnack, it’s insanely easy to add shapes, icons and illustrations to your design before downloading it for print. Try it out right now.

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How to create a custom certificate

Can you create your own certificate? Absolutely. Using Flipsnack’s certificate maker, there are countless editing options. Choose the typography, the design’s color scheme and add your own branding elements. It’s as easy as it sounds.

  1. 1. Sign up to Flipsnack

    Flipsnack has quite a few options for registration, such as a Google or Facebook account and even an email address. Sign up and start using our certificate creator today.

  2. 2. Pick a template or start from scratch

    Starting from award certificate templates and continuing with certificate of completion templates, there is a wide variety from which to choose. Keep in mind that our free certificate maker allows you to fully customize them or use them as guidelines. Alternatively, start from scratch and create your own design just as easily.

  3. 3. Personalize your certificate design

    Once a hard and difficult task, personalizing can now be done in no time. With our drag-and-drop feature, you can choose any element, such as borders, icons, shapes and illustrations to enhance your certificate design. This online certificate maker lets your creativity skyrocket.

  4. 4. Share online or download your certificate for print

    There are two options for the next step. Either share it online for digital use and easy access or download your certificate template as a PDF for print. Before printing it, make sure you choose high quality paper.

Easy to use Design Studio for professional certificates

There is no need to settle for a generic, boring certificate design anymore. In our intuitive Design Studio, you can add, remove or change any shapes, illustrations so it matches your intended use. Consider uploading your own pictures too, for diploma certificates used by universities. With Flipsnack, creativity is the limit and you get the full package!

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Useful features for your certificates

Streamlined collaboration

With Flipsnack, you and your teammates can easily create branded certificate templates, which can be saved for future use. Simply invite them into your workspace and start designing together.

Brand kit

You can add your branding elements to any design, saving them for easy future access. Include your logo, fonts and colors to maintain the same brand image even in your certificates.

High privacy

You can benefit from great privacy settings, when choosing a premium plan. Share your certificates digitally choosing from our publishing options: unlisted, password protected or private.

Customize online and download for print

With Flipsnack’s award maker you can change the layout of your printable certificate templates. Once you’re done, download your certificate as a ready-print PDF. This option will grant you high resolution pictures in your design, for a quality printed result. Then, take them to your local print shop and share them with your students or employees.

Easily share digital certificates with your awardees

In the context of the pandemic, many workshops and classes had to move online and certificates still had to be given. This is where Flipsnack’s online certificate maker comes in handy to help you create professional designs for diploma or completion certificates. Once you’re happy with your work, simply share your certificate via email or using the full-view link.

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Frequently asked questions

Usually, the people who benefit from a certificate of appreciation are employees and students. Studies have shown that this gesture of acknowledgement boosts confidence and makes them feel like winners. Expressed gratitude through a certificate appears formal and official to the recipient, showing that it’s an important piece of paper. Choose from our already made certificate of appreciation templates and start customizing it to fit your needs.

Flipsnack offers free certificate templates, which you can use as guidelines. You’ll notice that there are a couple of key elements that need to be included in your certificate template, no matter what kind:
   • Name of the organization handing out the certificate
   • Title of the certificate
   • Recipient’s name
   • Location
   • Date of presentation
   • Name and signature of the person giving the certificate/award.

It’s never been easier to edit any kind of template using Flipsnack and that includes certificate templates.
   • Enter our Design Studio and search for a certificate template, based on your purpose
   • Pick the template that best fits your needs and start editing it
   • Change the color schemes, fonts and upload your own images to your design
   • When you’re done, download your certificate and start again with another template

There are two ways to go about making a creative certificate. One, use Flipsnack to start from scratch and build your design by adding shapes, icons and illustrations to it. Or two, select a ready to use landscape certificate template and play around from there. Whichever you choose, the process will be easy and intuitive and you’ll be ready to print your certificate in a moment. Make your design even more creative by including elements from our graphics library.

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