Communicate effectively during the pandemic

Keep your team on the same page, with consistent brand communication even when teams have to work remotely. With Flipsnack, it's easy to collaborate and publish promotional branded catalogs or internal documents.

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The crisis amplifies challenges

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of employees feel like they're missing out on important information at work

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employees ignore emails because they are not engaging or relevant enough

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satisfaction rating from brands using Flipsnack during the pandemic

Adjust your strategy to fit the new context

Create engaging content for both internal and external brand communication. It’s really easy and effective! Go digital, and enrich brand content with amazing visuals, fun videos, interactive forms and more.

Keep your brand consistent

Now, more than ever, brands seek to differentiate, and to keep their messaging consistent. With Flipsnack, you get full control over branding, with white-label URLs, advanced customization settings, email personalization and even lock options for important branding elements in your content.

We already had 60% of our workforce working remotely, even before the whole coronavirus pandemic. Flipsnack has helped us to create an internal flipbook and share it with the whole company, no matter where the employees were located.

Michelle McCourt
Public Relations Manager

Effective communication practices in the “new normal”

  1. 1. Communicate clearly and frequently

    Don’t hold off or postpone your brand communications. Reach your audience online, through newsletters and promotional content

  2. 2. Address internal communication needs

    Create and share official documents, instructional materials, handbooks, team newsletters and fun content as well.

  3. 3. Double check privacy settings

    Keep private documents secure by protecting them from unwanted views. View all privacy settings available for you.

  4. 4. Cover all the bases

    Reach your audience wherever it is. There’s a variety of formats in which you can share your content, on email, social media, intranets, chat groups and websites

Proper brand communication builds trust

And that’s exactly what you need from your customers. Seek to differentiate from your competitors by creating relatable content. Make your own set of templates and messages specifically for the Covid-19 crisis, and make sure your team can access them, customize them and share them easily through Flipsnack.

Easy collaboration for remote teams

Collaborate remotely with your team mates on brand collaterals, all in the same digital workspace. With page notes, advanced roles and permissions, and review systems in place, collaboration is easy.

Free resources for Covid-19

Essential businesses, governments & hospitals can use these templates to maintain communication with their customers and keep their employees and customers healthy and safe. Get free templates

The following coronavirus brochure templates contain official recommendations from WHO for the Covid-19 crisis. You can however edit them really easily! Personalize them and distribute them online, or download them as JPG or PDF files.

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