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Design professional invoices with Flipsnack, the easy to use invoice creator and present the prices for your products or services. Make the entire invoice design process quick and effective. Start with a free invoice template.

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How to create your custom invoice template online

  1. 1. Start from scratch or with the invoice template of your choice. Even if it doesn’t suit your brand, do not worry! Explore the vast invoice design ideas and choose the ideal one.

  2. 2. Create on-brand invoices by adding your company's info and client’s details, including name, email and address.

  3. 3. Add each line item, along with a description, rate, quantity, tax rate, currency and discount amount. Customize your invoice by adding a logo and selecting your brand color.

  4. 4. Get ready to bill! Download as PDF and take it to print or share your invoice design with your clients via email.

  5. 5. To help save time next time you need to issue a new invoice for a customer, make sure to save your design as a template and use it again.

Pick a free invoice template and add your data

Be it a bill format or a proforma invoice template, your documents don’t have to be dull

Whether you are working in a law firm or as a freelance graphic designer, your invoice design should reflect your brand. Flipsnack offers you a multitude of invoice templates that will fit any type of business. Choose a suitable invoice template and make it your own. Our Design Studio is packed with endless editing options. You will never be sending boring invoices again.

Design your invoice

Download your invoices and print them

Done with your invoice design? Now, it’s time to send it over to the client to get them to pay. Find the ideal solution for every type of client. You can download as PDF and either share it via email or print it. It’s up to you!

Design your invoice

Frequently asked questions

An invoice is a commercial document that indicates what a buyer must pay to the seller. Is what you send to the client after you’ve delivered your product. The invoice tells your client how much they need to pay you, and sets the payment terms they need to follow. With Flipsnack you can easily create personalized invoices that best suits your business needs.

Both receipts and invoices are commercial documents that play a role in documenting sales for a business accounting records. While invoices are a request for payment, receipts acknowledge that a payment has been made. Invoices are issued when the details of a sale have been finalised but before the seller receives money from the customer. On the other hand, receipts are issued when a sale is completed in one go –the customer pays, and the seller provides the goods or services at exactly the same time.

An invoice is a document that a buyer sends to a seller to outline the details of a sale and usually follows a specific invoice template. Like an invoice, a bill outlines how much money a customer owes a business. However, the term invoice is generally used by a business looking to collect money from its clients, whereas the term bill is used by the customer to refer to payments they owe suppliers for their products or services. Another difference between an invoice and a bill is that invoices are usually issued for sales provided on credit, while bills are more commonly used for transactions that are completed in one go.

This are the main types of invoices that businesses can create for their clients: standard invoice, commercial invoice, mixed invoice, credit invoice, debit invoice, timesheet invoice, expense report, pro forma invoice, interim invoice, past due invoice, final invoice, e-invoice, recurring invoice

Invoices main purpose is to act as records of sale for your business and your clients. For the sender, they’re a way to expedite payment by notifying the buyer. For the recipient, they represent costs in an organized way.

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