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Make a long-lasting impression on your clients by designing professional letterheads. With Flipsnack’s online letterhead generator, you can customize any template you want to match your own company’s branded stationery design.

Design a letterhead
Free Editable Letterhead Sample made with Flipsnack’s Letterhead Maker

How to create your own letterhead

  1. 1. Launch Flipsnack

    You can sign up or log into Flipsnack with your email address, Facebook, or Google account and start using our online letterhead maker.

  2. 2. Choose a letterhead template or create from scratch

    Start from a blank canvas, or choose one of our professional letterhead samples. Whether you’re looking for a company letterhead template, or a creative letterhead template, we’ve got you covered! Browse through our letterhead examples and select the most suitable one for your business.

  3. 3. Customize to your own brand with our Design Studio

    Our powerful Design Studio is packed with lots of icons, shapes, and other illustrations that can enhance your letterhead sample. Once you are set on a stationery design template, start adding your own branding elements: company logo, brand colors, and your own typography.

  4. 4. Download, share, and print your letterhead

    When you’re happy with the result, download and save the letterhead design to your device. You can also share it directly from Flipsnack. Send it as an email or through a direct link. Of course, you can even print it yourself or through a print shop, but make sure you use high-quality paper.

Company Letterhead Templates

With Flipsnack, it’s easy to design trustworthy company letterheads. Choose from a variety of free letterhead templates, and make sure to customize them to meet your company’s branding elements.

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Business Letterhead Templates

Create business letterheads that build your business identity and easily get noticed by your clients. Browse through our gallery of stationery design templates and start personalizing your own.

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Education Letterhead Templates

It’s important not to go overboard when it comes to creating educational letterheads. Delve into our online letterhead creator and reflect your university’s values in the letterhead design, as well.

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Medical Letterhead Templates

We have come to your aid, like you have come to ours, and created a variety of medical letterheads for you to use. These medical letterhead templates will simplify communication between you and your patients.

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Law Firm Letterhead Templates

Flipsnack’s online letterhead creator allows you to give a professional look to your official law firm letterheads. Customize any template you want to the fullest by adding your own logo, brand colors, and fonts.

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Creative Letterhead Templates

Try a simpler way of customizing your letterhead by using our online letterhead maker. Choose from a great diversity of creative letterheads and display your logo in an original way, to increase brand recognition.

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Upload your own logo

Get your stationery branding more easily recognized by uploading your own company’s logo. Keep in mind to always resize it until it perfectly fits in the placeholder.

Custom fonts

Grab a letterhead design for free and customize it to fit your branding. Upload your custom fonts and make sure to save them in a brand kit for later use.

Branded colors

Strengthen the image of your business by adding your own branded colors to your stationery design. Assure yourself to apply these colors to your entire letterhead template.

User-friendly Design Studio for professional letterheads

Wondering what is so special about our Design Studio? In order to give you a teaser, I’ll mention how easily you can add your own company logo, signature, typography, change the colors, and more! This way, your company’s letterhead design won’t look boring anymore and will keep your brand’s consistency.
But that’s not all. We have also included a collaboration feature, which allows you and your team to work together on the same page and avoid all the back and forth.

Design a letterhead

Download and print your letterhead

When you’re done playing around with your letterhead design, it’s time to download your masterpiece as a PDF and take it to print. Flipsnack makes it easy for you whether you’re going to print your letterhead samples at home on a high-quality paper, or send them to a professional local printer for a large batch of branded letterheads ready to be used.

It’s really easy to use, it looks great because the interface is really simple and clean. I have been so impressed that I have even recommended Flipsnack to several other design companies.

Luke Mowatt

Frequently asked questions

A letterhead, or a letter-headed paper, is the heading at the top of a sheet of letter paper (also called stationery). That heading usually consists of a name, an address, a logo or corporate design, and sometimes a background pattern. A letterhead is commonly used for formal correspondence.

The Companies Act (UK letterhead legal requirements) states that all business must display the following business details on their letterheads:
   • The name of their business
   • The part of the country that the business is registered
   • The registered company number
   • The address of registered office
   • The address of any other business location; unless it is primarily living accommodation

A letterhead is one of the most important printing collaterals in any business, because it physically represents your company and your brand image. It’s not just a means of correspondence, but a crucial part of your marketing communications strategy.

The purposes of the company and personal letterheads are completely different. Company letterheads are usually formal, and written for business purposes. They contain the organization's name, logo, and contact information such as an address, telephone and facsimile numbers, and website URL. Many experts recommend using a neutral color for stationery, such as off-white or eggshell. Instead, personal letterheads are written to family members, acquaintances, or friends, concerning non-business matters. They are written for the exchange of information, messages, and thoughts. Stationery for personal letterheads can often reflect your personal style through the use of a creative font, design or colored paper.

The letterhead size varies. For instance, in North America, the letter size is typically 8.5 x 11 inches (215 x 280 mm). Whereas in the majority of countries outside this region, business letterheads are printed in A4 size of 8.27 x 11.69 inches (210mm x 297mm). In Flipsnack, you can choose between the classic A4 (794 x 1123 px), or the letter size (816 x 1056 px).

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