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Use Flipsnack’s professional rack card creator to design branded rack cards that stand out from the classic layout. Save precious time by creating personalized rack cards online, with no design skills needed. Choose the ready-print PDF download and use them for your business. Get started for free.

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Eye-catching rack card templates for any business

Whether you’re a hotel owner, small business owner or a family doctor, you can benefit from introducing rack cards into your marketing strategy.

Choose a coffee shop rack card template or a wedding rack card template and customize them to fit your purpose. Be it to promote offers, upcoming events, informational, even QR codes. There are a multitude of options from which to select, so start personalizing them!

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How do you make a rack card?

  1. 1. Open Flipsnack and log in

    Launch Flipsnack’s online app and either login or sign up to use our online rack card creator. This gives you access to many creative features from our Design Studio, ready to be explored.

  2. 2. Decide between blank canvas or rack card templates

    You can either start from scratch, which requires more time and attention, or browse through our available catchy rack card templates. Easily make any necessary changes, since they’re fully customizable.

  3. 3. Personalize rack cards to match your brand

    After you find a design to your liking, it’s essential to incorporate your branding elements to maintain the same brand image. Don’t stop here, but mix and match shapes, lines, to create a striking design.

  4. 4. Download and print for your business

    If you’ve finished making the modifications to your design, simply download your rack card design as a PDF for print. Whether you print at home or you take it to the local print shop, choose high quality paper.

Ready-to-use Design Studio for sleek rack cards

Remember when a travel agency rack card convinced you to book a vacation? Try Flipsnack’s intuitive Design Studio and be mindful about the design. Drag and drop your own images and stylish graphics. Adding shapes, lines to your online rack card template changes the whole layout!

Create a rack card
Flipsnack’s Design Studio for rack cards
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Printed rack cards for easy distribution

As to printing your rack card design after everything is neat and put together, Flipsnack’s rack card maker offers a great option. Simply download your template as a PDF for print and enjoy higher resolution, impeccable catchy design reflected on premium paper. That’s the recipe for this successful advertisement method.

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Frequently asked questions

Essential info like your business name, logo, phone number and website must be included in a rack card. Secondly, relevant info to your advertising purpose has to find its way in this publication, such as promotions, discounts, upcoming events. If you can, incorporate a map of your business location, since rack cards are used because they also easily bring the customers to you.

Because you have the chance to succinctly write the details and benefits of your services or products. Smaller than a brochure in size, they have the advantage of conveying information at a glance. Rack cards are usually placed in salons, airports and any other place with a lobby. With a rack card design made right, your readers should be curious about your offer or your brand, looking to find out more or to browse through your products.

If you’ve never used rack cards for commercial advertising, you’re missing out. One of the purposes for integrating them into your marketing strategy is that you can create promotional rack cards for your retail store. For a spa, use pricing display rack cards. Real estate rack cards are great for showcasing recently sold houses or new listings. They’re easy to grab and contain pertinent information. Moreover, replace your classic restaurant menus with rack cards. They occupy less space and are easier to read.

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