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Music isn't just about the harmony or the melody. Of course, they are crucial elements but you can't ignore the role of an album cover in creating a memorable name in the music industry. That’s why iconic album covers don’t just define an album, they define a generation or a musical genre. Let’s take for example the Purple Rain album cover. Not only that it became a symbol of a generation, but it introduced the world to Prince as a flamboyant presence. The famous photograph showcasing the artist on a motorbike has become his generic trademark.

Feeling inspired? Have all of this in mind when you start creating your cd cover design. To do so, firstly you need an online album cover maker that will help you integrate all your great ideas in a professionally-designed music cover. Why not try Flipsnack? It’s free and packed with great album cover art templates.

Because we know that the music industry is diverse, split in multiple genres, our professional graphic designers have created various music cover templates for any need. From rap album cover templates to mixtape cover templates or music artwork templates, our gallery is filled with numerous cd cover designs that are ready to be used. All you have to do is to get as creative as you wish. The best part is that our album cover templates are fully customizable. Just drag and drop an editable album cover template into our intuitive Design Studio and use your imagination.

Add or erase text boxes, introduce the band and album name, your tracklist and a QR code. Create a memorable visual experience by adding a high quality background photo. Either you import your own or select one from our stock image gallery. In the blink of an eye, you’ll be done editing and all that’s left to do is to take your album cover design to the printer. In case you want to keep your cd cover in a digital format, with Flipsnack it’s super easy to update the design and content as many times as you want or share it online via social media. Promote your music in a unique manner with Flipsnack!

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