Book Cover Templates

Even if we want to admit it or not, everyone judges a book by its cover. It’s logic to do so, because the cover is the first thing we notice when we hold a book in our hands. If you’re a professional writer or an aspiring writer, then you surely know what I’m talking about! I’m sure that the most stressful question for you is how to make a book cover that will stand out from the crowd? Well, this question won’t be stressful anymore, because we’ve got you covered! From now on, it will be a lot easier to think of your book cover design. Flipsnack gives you the opportunity to choose from plenty of printable book cover templates. Simply take a look at our beautiful collection and pick your favorite. The editing part is really fun and easy with our user-friendly interface. Try it for yourself right now!

Looking for the perfect recipe book cover template for your cookbook? Or maybe for a children’s book cover template? What about a poetry book cover template? Regardless of your choice, I assure you that you’ll find editable book cover templates for any occasion. Design your own book cover within minutes with Flipsnack’s accessible drag-and-drop editor! You can easily upload your own photos, or you can choose from hundreds of professional stock images with a simple click. Try different filters, play with colors, change the font style and you’ll have your own book cover in a short time, with no big effort at all!

You can even change your plain book cover template you used before for your book with one vintage book cover template or simple book cover template from us. In just a few minutes, your old book cover template can receive a wonderful touch! And all thanks to Flipsnack. Download your book cover, print it and brag about it on social media! Your readers will totally love your book cover design. Try Flipsnack and let it do its magic!

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