Dessert Menu Templates

There is always room for dessert. And any good dessert menu design should be enticing enough to make restaurant goers get that extra dessert. But it makes a world of difference when you put together a good enough dessert card menu that actually sells. Cheesecake, pavlova, lava cake or a variety of delicious ice cream flavors, there should be a dessert for every sweet-toothed foodie out there. A pro tip is to always, always make sure to include something with chocolate.

As with anything, if you’re not a pastry chef, putting together a dessert menu can be a daunting task. But it shouldn’t be. There are certain basic rules that you can use. A good rule of thumb is that everything you put on your dessert menu design should be executed at a consistently high standard. Keep it short and simple. Maybe instead of going for 10 desserts, include only 5 that you know all your chefs can master. Homemade ice-cream? Yes, please!
And if you’re unsure of how to put everything together, you’ll most likely find an example of a dessert menu to get inspiration from. Here at Flipsnack, we can help you design the perfect dessert menu for your place. Be it a free dessert menu template or an ice cream menu design, you’ll have plenty of choices. Add an extra scoop of creativity with some delicious dessert photography and you’ll have your own dessert menu design in no time. The rest is on us!

Once you are done with your dessert menu design, make sure to download the final version in PDF if you want to print it right away. Or you can share it online with your customers. Enjoy your new templates, and thank you for choosing Flipsnack for all your dessert menu template needs.

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