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Set the tone of your event through an amazing ticket design. Flipsnack’s ticket maker is the perfect solution, since it has an intuitive, user-friendly interface. There are no designer skills needed to create professional tickets, printed in high-quality for your customers.

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Genius ticket design templates for all types of events

Regardless of the sort of event for which you need tickets, Flipsnack’s professional ticket creator helps you by providing an array of templates.

Perhaps your movie ticket template needs a fresh design, or your festival ticket template has been the same for several years now. Get inspiration also from our own ready to use raffle ticket templates or blank ticket templates and create your own. Make the most out of the design process by including different shapes, lines and illustrations.

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How can I make my own tickets?

  1. 1. Enter Flipsnack

    Open Flipsnack’s online app, sign up with your Google or Facebook account, or simply sign in, if you have already created an account.

  2. 2. Choose between a blank canvas or a ready to use template

    Next, either start from scratch, decorating a blank canvas and exploring our Design Studio, or have your pick of an already existing ticket template, fully customizable.

  3. 3. Personalize ticket designs to generate buzz

    Once you decide on a template, customize it to match your event by adding funky fonts, playing with their size. Don’t stop here, but drag and drop more lines, illustrations and stickers to complete the design.

  4. 4. Share online or download your ticket for print

    When you’re done, simply share your ticket design online via full-view link or email. Or, download it as a print ready PDF, and print as many copies of it as you need.

User-friendly Design Studio for unparalleled ticket designs

With Flipsnack’s Design Studio, you can forget about the frustration that usually comes with creating any sort of design. You can put together catchy layouts, with an almost effortless process due to our drag-and-drop feature. Include different sizes of shapes and lines for the background canvas. Add a QR code plus a unique number for each ticket.

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Numerous sharing options

Flipsnack allows you to share your e-ticket however you want, either digitally or physically. Send it via email, using the full-view link or embedding it directly on your website. Lastly, don’t forget about printing it.

   • Download as a PDF for print
   • Integrate on your website
   • Send via email
   • Share as social media posts
   • Download as animated publications (HTML5)
   • Share the full-view link anywhere

High-quality download format for print

It’s a pity to put time in a design, only for it to come out looking blurry on paper. This is why Flipsnack’s online ticket creator offers you a high quality download format, under the name PDF for print. Higher resolution for your pictures and text, reflected on premium paper. Easily hand them out to clients, after purchase.

Practical features for your tickets

Smooth collaboration

Flipsnack makes it possible to collaborate with coworkers on ticket templates. Invite them into your workspace, assign roles so your colleagues can help you along with the process, without creating chaos.

Neat graphics

Upon entering our Design Studio, you’ll stumble across a wide range of graphics, from shapes to lines and illustrations. Integrate them into your ticket design and watch it come to life, before sharing it.

Brand kit

You can include your brand kit in publications to maintain brand consistency. Upload custom fonts, color schemes and your logo for the ultimate branded ticket template. Try it out with Flipsnack.

Frequently asked questions

There are a couple of details which should not be left out from a ticket design, displayed in a larger font for readability:
   • Ticket number
   • Location of the event
   • Time of the event
   • Date of the event
   • QR code/Barcode

Here is a list of various ticket categories to clarify this aspect, so you can sell more tickets for your events:
   • General Admission
   • Individual or group tickets
   • One day or multi-day pass
   • Virtual pass
   • Early bird discount ticket
   • Promo code tickets

Flipsnack’s online app has a variety of ticket templates, ready to be customized. From cinema ticket templates to festival ticket templates and many more. Enter the Design Studio to add your information and desired shapes, lines. After you’re done, save it as a branded template and next time you use it, you’ll only have to change the text, while keeping the same layout.

What else to try:

Flipsnack empowers you to create a variety of on-brand digital publications, from magazines to online catalogs, and more. Try it today!

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