Free Birthday Card Templates

Make someone’s day special with these free printable birthday cards and create a memorable day you will both remember. Saying Happy Birthday has never been easier!
Funny Birthday Card Example

Funny Birthday Card Template

Birthday Card Template Example

Elegant Birthday Card Template

Birthday Card Template Example

Colorful Birthday Card Template

Personalized Birthday Card Design Example

Personalized Birthday Card Template

Birthday Wish Card Design Example

Birthday Wish Card Template

Birthday Card Design Example

Simple Birthday Card Template

Happy Birthday Card Example

Happy Birthday Card Template

Online Birthday Card Design Example

Online Birthday Card Template

Who doesn’t love a thoughtful gift for their birthday? Lucky for you, Flipsnack is home for a multitude of printable birthday cards you can choose from. Sure, birthdays are usually about gifts but they should be more about expressing love and gratitude. And so, you can use Flipsnack as a birthday card maker to make your life easier. You can truly express your feelings starting from a birthday card template that you can personalize to the fullest. So, why not get creative?

Saying Happy Birthday is never easier, especially if you’re struggling with writing creative birthday wishes, but rest assured, we’re here to come in your help. Start with a blank gift certificate and think about the person you are celebrating. I bet you have some precious memories in common. Use that as a starting point and speak from the heart. Add some photographs to make it extra special. Also, here are some birthday quotes you can use, if you’re feeling stuck: You were born and the world got better – everybody wins! Have a great birthday. Or you can always make it fun, especially if you know that person well. So, use this cool birthday quote: Most things don’t get better with age. Except you.

The thing about birthdays is that you can make them special easily. Truth is, you can’t go wrong with a personalized birthday card. Simple things like a heartwarming message will make an impact, even if you don’t have any other special gift. Count on Flipsnack, the birthday card maker to save the day and create personalized printable birthday cards within minutes. If you don’t want to print them, no worries, sharing them is a piece of cake. Birthday cake.

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