Travel Guide Templates

Do you have a travel agency? Or perhaps you’re a passionate travel blogger? Don’t just post your amazing photos on social media. With our travel guide template, it’s so easy to create a guide and share your travel experience with the world in a more organized way! If you run a travel agency, you can make things so much easier for your clients with all sorts of travel guides. Just choose our city guide template which is perfect for city break holidays or a travel itinerary template to offer them some suggestions as to what places they should visit.

Need some travel guide ideas? Browse our template library and you will find plenty of travel guide examples. If you run a travel agency you can help your customers prepare for an upcoming trip with all sorts of tips and tricks on how to pack, info regarding the climate, culture and all sorts of information that might be useful for them. Just choose our travel guide brochure template and customize it to your own preference with our user-friendly editor. Or perhaps your clients are more on the corporate side, so you could choose a business travel itinerary template and create something targeted towards their needs.

For longer trips in remote locations, you can use our itinerary template and suggest people daily itineraries they can follow to visit breath-taking locations and get an authentic travel experience. Search for the coolest photos within Flipsnack’s amazing library. If you have your own photos, feel free to upload whatever you want. Change the colors, fonts, add text, icons, captions, whatever you find useful and important! You don’t need to master great skills in order to make a travel guide. Just use your experience and let your creativity guide you. Remember, you’re in total control! Sail away, create amazing travel guides and share them with the world!

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